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Blueberry Porter

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This brew is a seasonal one for me based on blueberry harvest. Those of you not within fresh blueberry territory will have to make do with frozen blueberries from your grocery store. Four pounds of our local berries (the size of chick peas, roughly) give a noticeable blueberry flavor and aroma, even in a porter.

Lambic: Brewing with Bacteria

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    Homebrewer Wanted: Must be willing to risk contamination of entire brewery with strange and exotic microbes from faraway lands. Must be willing to wait many years to see if the beer turned out okay. Must have a strong stomach and not be bothered by slime, scum, noxious gas, and foul odors. Must possess

White Russian Imperial Pale Ale

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I believe that The Dude would abide by drinking this beer.

Oud Bruin

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At one time “sour brown ale” probably described most of what was being served in the local tavern. Beers were brown because the malting of barley was as yet an inexact science, temperature controls were shaky at best, and really “pale” malts were undreamed of. No sparkly, clear pilsners here. Beers were sour because fermentation

Steam Beer

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 Tracing the Origins of Steam Beer


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I have had some memorable experiences with beer, and some of the best have been with my wife, Elizabeth: drinking bitter and playing gin rummy at Spinnaker’s (she cheats!); smuggling bottles of Ballard Bitter onto the inter-island ferry in the San Juans; and simply watching her expression when she takes the first taste of my

Brewing with Coffee

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It’s just one of those things, I suppose, but the combination of beer and coffee, for me, is among the most intriguing possibilities in the world. Ideally my day is divided into two sections: the coffee section (weekdays from awakening until about 4 p.m., weekends until about 2 p.m.) and the beer section (I never

Cafe Vienna Lager (coffee cinnamon lager)


This recipe is for a dark lager with coffee and spices.

Norwegian Christmas Ale

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Christmas beers are a long standing tradition throughout the Scandinavian countries. Generally dark and malty, they are often usually brewed in the late summer, early falls months for consumption during the holiday season. Feel free to kick this recipe up a notch or two with more extract or belgian candy syrups if you want to up increase the alcohol percentage.

Mead: The Most Noble Brew

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Is there a brew that conjures up more images than mead? Whether you associate it with ancient druids, pre-Roman civilizations of central Europe, Vikings, Teutonic raiders, Celts ancient or modern, it is impossible to deny the hold that mead has always had on the imagination of Western civilization. Some believe that it was mead that

Cranberry Cream Ale

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For a tart twist on a cream ale, the addition of cranberries will provide an astringency and acidity and can play nicely in this style.

Oysters and Stout

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He was a bold man, who first ate an oyster,” so the quote goes. The words have been attributed to Jonathan Swift, Dean Swift, and King James I. Whoever coined it, said it well. Hunger will possess creatures to eat just about anything. Since that first undocumented experiment, oysters have become the passion of the

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