Date: January-February 2016

January/February '16

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Three Floyds Brewing Company: Dark Lord clone


Dark Lord is a truly unique Russian imperial stout brewed with coffee, Mexican vanilla, and Indian sugar. It features notes of mocha and charred fruit, and has a “motor oil-like consistency.” Note the extended total boil time . . . this is not your typical evening brew session.

Smuttynose Brewing Company: Frankenlager clone


Frankenlager is Smuttynose’s interpretation of an IPA decoction-mashed and fermented like the classic lagers of Europe. It’s crisp and refined, but certainly not meek or mild.

Jack’s Abby Brewing: Hoponius Union clone


Hoponius Union is a lager that features a blend of popular American hops, creating a huge tropical fruit and citrusy hop aroma. A dry finish accentuates the pleasant bitterness and hop profile.

Base Camp Brewing Company: In-Tents IPL clone


This is a labor-intensive beer to produce, utilizing a triple batch sparge, kräusening, a three-week bulk lagering period, and oak chip aging. The result is a malty and firmly hopped, oak-aged lager softened by some natural carbonation. The lager yeast allows the piney and floral aromatics to shine while the oak chips heighten the maltiness of the brew.

Adjusting Your Brewing Water


Beer is more water than anything else, which means that water is one of the most important ingredients in a brew. And, of course, water is a catch-all term for a solution

Adjusting Homebrew After Fermentation


Brewers often commit that five-step sequence to muscle memory. After all, a strict routine is vital in maintaining a high level of control over the countless variables affecting the beermaking process and

India Pale Lager Clone Recipes


India Pale Lager (IPL) is a modern hybridization of the India Pale Ale (IPA) style and a (insert your own interpretation of the) “lager component” that has taken a craft beer industry

Homebrewing Experiments


There is a lot of conventional wisdom in the world of homebrewing. Some of it is good and obvious (always keep things clean and sanitized), while some of it is a little

Quest to Clone Three Floyds Brewing Company’s Dark Lord


Since Dark Lord Day comes but once a year, a homebrewer set out on a quest to try and make this elusive brew at home so he could drink it all year round.



by the numbers OG: 1.054-1.057 FG:1.010-1.012 SRM:4-7 IBU:18-25 ABV:5.8-6.3 Many American beer enthusiasts look forward to autumn seasonal beers, often with their malty, stronger flavors. One particular style that is popular is

Cleaning Wort Chillers, Mash Hopping: Mr. Wizard


Q I’m Requesting your advice for cleaning and care of copper wort chillers. Like other brewers, after the cool down I pull my wort chiller out of the pot and it’s usually

Recipe Development: Tips from the Pros


Finding a homebrew recipe isn’t difficult — we have printed hundreds in BYO over the years, for instance— but there is something about developing your own homebrew recipe that is always appealing.

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