Date: November 2017

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Key Lime Session Mead


You can leave this mead still or carbonated to 2-3 volumes of CO2

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Pedal Haus Brewery’s Maple Milk Stout clone


Pedal Haus Brewery (Tempe, Arizona) adds an extra layer of intrigue to their milk stout with a big addition of maple syrup near the end of fermentation. This recipe’s original gravity (OG) is based on the estimated gravity reading at the time the yeast is pitched. The ABV is calculated based on the inclusion of the maple syrup to the fermentation.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.’s Tres Leches clone


This recipe from Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. (Gilbert, Arizona) was a collaboration with Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco and brewed to taste like tres leches cake with the additions of lactose, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar.

Launch Pad Brewery’s Cape Canaveral Key Lime Saison clone


Lactose isn’t the only twist on this saison from Launch Pad Brewery (Aurora, Colorado), which also features lime peels, juice, and leaves, as well as vanilla beans to create a beer reminiscent of a key lime pie.

Urban Family Brewing Co.’s Limesicle clone


This is a “milkshake IPA” using lactose and lime zest. Head Brewer of Urban Family Brewing (Seattle, Washington) Isaac Koski says the dry hop addition in this beer rotates among citrusy hops including Citra®, Simcoe®, or Motueka. “These are interchangeable in my mind based on availability and how they are smelling.”

Two Rivers Brewing Co. Esoterik clone


Esoterik is a commemorative beer named in honor of Mr. Anthony Marraccini, who has contributed extensively to the work of the Arts Community of Easton, Pennsylvania – and it’s quite a tribute. The dark fruit really pops in this recipe, but only if you hold the alcohols in check.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Scarface Imperial Stout clone


This full-bodied imperial stout features notes of burnt caramel, coffee, and smoke.

Smog City Brewing Company The Nothing clone


Smog City’s winter seasonal double chocolate stout is named for the character, The Nothing, from the movie The Neverending Story. It is aged on raw cocoa nibs and should have the flavor of a high-quality, dark chocolate bar.

Round Guys Brewing Co. The Russian Messenger clone


Round Guys owner Scott Rudich takes a distinctly European approach to this beer, and the Pilsner and Munich malts that form the bulk of the grist lay down a great bready base for the rich brown malt and raisiny crystal to follow.

American Brown Ale


The American brown ale was a style that arose through two distinct channels, the craft beer world and the homebrew world. Here is Gordon Strong’s take on the American brown ale that arose via the craft beer world, such as Pete’s Wicked Ale.

Russian Imperial Stout Clones & Brewing Tips


“Stout” is a description that summarizes more than a half dozen specific beer styles, but there is no doubt that the imperial stout is king. Get tips to brew this tricky, high-ABV style, plus find recipes for 6 commercial imperial stout clones.

The Low Down on Water Softeners for Brewing


I want to recap a few things before suggesting a solution to your water woes. Before your move, you had soft water that worked well for brewing. Now you have water from

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