Writer: Chris Colby

Alesmith Brewing Company: Alesmith IPA clone


This well-balanced West Coast IPA is a San Diego classic that is filled with aromas of grapfruit and tangerine, fresh pine, and tropical fruit.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery: 90-Minute IPA clone

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90 Minute IPA was the first beer that Dogfish Head brewed using their continuous hopping technique of adding hops throughout the boil. Esquire magazine has called it “perhaps the best IPA in America.”

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout clone

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Young’s Double Chocolate Stout clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.053   FG = 1.013 IBU = 28   SRM = 35   ABV = 5.2% Ingredients 7 lbs. (3.2 kg) pale ale malt 11 oz. (0.31 kg) English medium crystal malt (55 °L) 13 oz. (0.37 kg) chocolate malt (450 °L) 12 oz. (0.34 kg) lactose

Hopping Help for Extract Brewers

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All forms of homebrewing – whether all-grain, partial mash or extract – share many similarities. However, each it has its own set of challenges as well. One of the biggest complaints of beginning extract brewers is that their beers do not turn out hoppy enough. Many homebrewers became interested in homebrewing after tasting hoppy pale

Wort Boiling & Hop Character

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The bitterness in beer is developed by adding hops to boiling wort. Likewise, boiling hops adds hop flavor and aroma. The bitterness keeps the beer from being too sweet and the flavor and aroma of hops add a special “spice” to the beer. The amount of bitterness in beer depends primarily on how much hops

Doughboy Draught

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American Pilsners were bigger and hoppier in the past, right? Well, not always. In 1917 — near the end of World War I — Congress passed the Food and Fuel Control Act (also known as the Lever Act), which gave President Wilson the power to set prices on and direct the distribution of food and coal. Wilson shut distilleries, limited the amount of coal breweries could use and capped the alcohol percentage in beer to 2.75% by weight (about 3.4% by volume). Here is a classic American Pilsner an American infantryman (or doughboy) might have drank during training, before being shipped off to the trenches in Europe.

The Schizlitz

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This is a beer formulated with some information I received about how Schlitz was brewed in 1975. I simplified this formulation by using flaked maize and specifiying that the beer be fermented at working strength, rather than using high gravity brewing.

Red, White and Brew Pilsner

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This is a modern American Pilsner, though not an attempt to clone any particular brand.

Brewing Belgian-Style Tripels

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Tripel is pale to golden in color, and strong (the BJCP guidelines list it as OG 1.075–1.085, and 7.5–9.5% ABV). However, three things keep it from seeming like a big beer — it’s relatively dry, sufficiently well-hopped and highly carbonated. There is considerable variation under the above umbrella and Belgian tripels even include beers, like Tripel

Origins of Lager Yeast

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The domestication of barley coincides with the first year-round settlements of early humans, who were previously nomadic. This event occurred in the Fertile Crescent — the region surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and sometimes extended to include the Nile Delta — 6,000 years ago. In this same time period, brewing was invented, as shown

Wiener Blut Vienna Lager

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Recipe author Chris Colby says, “Wiener Blut is a malty, lightly sweet amber lager with slightly more German noble hops than usual.” Silver medal winner at the 2004 National Homebrew Contest.

Warsteiner Brauerei: Warsteiner Premium Verum clone

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Warsteiner is a well-known German Pilsner. This light-colored lager has a more rounded, less crisp, malt profile compared to Bitburger. Treat your yeast well to reach the fairly low final gravity of this beer.

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