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Build an Apple Scratter


Fall in New England conjures up images of brilliant orange and red foliage, arts and crafts fairs, and anticipation of the first frost. While most homebrewers are starting to think about pumpkin

Lagering for Beginners

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Brewing lagers can be very intimidating for new homebrewers — which is one of the reasons most begin with brewing ales. But, if your favorite beer styles to drink are Pilsners, märzens, bocks, etc…, then you can’t run from lagering! Once you understand the differences between brewing lager and ale, the extra steps really aren’t

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!: Route des épices (Spice route) clone

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This is a malty rye ale spiced with peppercorns. It features rich chocolate and rye grain flavors, a medium body balance and a peppery finish. If you want the peppercorns to stay in the fermenter, you can bag them with the final hops addition. If you follow that process, the cooled wort with the peppercorns can go right from the kettle into the fermenter.

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!: Rosée d’hibiscus (Pinkish hibiscus) clone

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Very pink, very floral, very crisp and light bodied — very drinkable! This beer’s color and aroma are quite eye-catching and aromatic. Look for dried hibiscus flowers at your local food coop, health food store or from any local or online dried herb retailer.

Hopfenstark: Saison Station 16 clone


This is an extremely well balanced, easy-to-drink saison brewed with rye. The hops are not the star here, it’s all about the rye and the brewer’s skill.

7 Seas Brewing Company: Wheelchair Barleywine clone

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“Brewed slightly differently each year, but typically aged a minimum of eight months, these Barley Wines display a reddish-brown hue and exhibit prominent notes of ripe pit fruit, brown sugar, toffee, and a full-bodied, malty mouthfeel.”

How Did Hops End Up in Beer?

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Photo courtesy of Walter Konig There are some 350,000 known plant species on earth, but only one of them, Humulus lupulus, the hop plant, has become the universal flavoring agent for beer. Sure, brewers occasionally use other flavorings in their beers, such as coriander, passion fruit, or orange peel. Statistically, however, the perennial, herbaceous, creeping,

Build an Electric Brewing System

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When I started thinking about a return to homebrewing, after a nearly-15-year hiatus, I started my research diligently to see what has changed since I got out of the hobby for a variety of reasons. During my first stint, I brewed 10-gallon (38-L), all-grain batches using traditional propane burners with a keggle and a converted

Québec Craft Beer Clone Recipes

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When it comes to peeking over the neighbor’s fence, Québec is the US’s friendly abutter who heartily welcomes American brewing peers and consumers to hop that fence . . . and have a beer! There are ample opportunities to partake in this unique form of international relations: Attending one of Québec’s many beer festivals; visiting

Traditional Bock

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by the numbers OG:1.064–1.072 (15.7–17.5 °P) FG:1.013–1.019 (3.3–4.8 °P) SRM:14–22 IBU:20–27 ABV:6.3–7.2% I have never been to the German city of Einbeck. It is not a common tourist destination, but I am still more than a little surprised I have never been there. From what I have heard, it has a lot to offer —

Yeast Starters, Nitro Gas & Stainless Care: Mr. Wizard

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Q I’ve been doing a lot of research on making yeast starters and my question that I can’t seem to find the answer to is whether there is an upper limit to how much starter can be made from a single vial of yeast? Also, is there an upper limit to how big a starter

7 Seas Brewing Wheelchair Barleywine: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, I was showing some friends photos of last year’s vacation when we traveled up I-5 hitting breweries and brewpubs along the route. Immediately when I saw the picture of 7 Seas Brewing in Gig Harbor, Washington I remembered what I thought was the best beer of the trip — their Wheelchair Barleywine. After

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