Date: March-April 2009

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Ice Harbor Brewing: Runaway Red Ale clone

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Full-bodied amber ale with crystal, carastan and carapils providing subtle dark fruit malt character and Willamette, Cascade and Tettnang hops giving a subtle fruit hop character.

Eric the Red (Irish Red)

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Eric the Red (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.052 FG = 1.011 IBU = 29  SRM = 23  ABV = 5.2% A bold version of an Old World beer style, influenced by “wild” hops from the new found land. Ingredients 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) British pale ale malt (3 °L) 3 oz. (85 g)

Irish Red Ale

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Irish Red Ale (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.053 (13.2 °P) FG = 1.014 (3.5 °P) IBU = 25 SRM = 18 ABV = 5.2% Ingredients 9.9 lbs. (4.5 kg) Crisp British pale ale malt or similar British pale ale malt 6.0 oz. (170 g) crystal malt (40 °L) 6.0 oz. (170 g) crystal

Coopers Sparkling Ale clone

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Cooper’s Sparkling Ale is the bar that all others are measured when brewing an Australian sparkling ale. According to Coopers, “Little has changed since Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of Sparkling Ale in 1862. It’s still naturally conditioned in the bottle with our unique strain of Coopers yeast.”

Michael Meissner’s Bavarian Weizen

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“My philosophy on brewing these days is to keep it simple and allow the ingredients to shine through.” – Michael Meissner (New South Wales)

English Pale Ale

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“The German crystal malts are not traditional but provide richness without the cloying quality of some of the currently available English crystals. The amber invert sugar adds a bit of flavor complexity and helps dry out the finish. Hopping the mash and first runnings worked well for this one – it retained appreciable hop character despite being fairly well aged when judged.”
—Ross Mitchell (Australian Capital Territory)


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An award-winning maibock recipe from down under.

American Rye IPA

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“The recipe was inspired by a fellow brewer. The spicy character of the rye really makes this beer as it balances beautifully with the strong malt and hop flavors.”

Black Velvet Stout

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“I’d like to dedicate this beer to my wife Samantha for putting up with all the brew gear in the bedroom.”

Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale


“This was my first Belgian Ale. I had no spare fridge space, so it was fermented at ambient temperatures, getting up to 86°F (30 °C) on day 2 and it was all over after 3 days. I didn’t really like the beer, but all who tried it thought it was great, and so did the judges!” – Michael Carter — Queensland

Imperial Stout

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“This recipe was constructed for us by John Strantzen, one of Australia’s most successful and generous homebrewers. We’ve been tweaking it for a decade and seemed to be particularly blessed with this batch — it wasn’t an easy decision to offer up bottles for judging!”

Alex Drobshoff’s Traditional Bock

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One of the winners of Boston Brewing Company’s LongShot contest.

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